An experimental idle game built in Vue. Cultivate strange life on a procedurally generated alien planet and build bizarre monuments to your robotic overlords.

Space Cadet (Hexo Theme)

A modern, purple-accented Bootstrap 4 blog theme for Hexo. Fully responsive and SEO-friendly with schema/OG/meta tags. Flexible enough to showcase both microblogging and long-form posts. Showcased on the official Hexo theme directory.

BRB: Apocalypse

Social media simulator set in a post-apocalyptic near future. Create a survivor, decorate their shelter, make friends and enemies with a complex social networking system. Become the dankest memelord this side of the fallout, toughen into a professional cyberbully, or rise to the top as a wasteland celebrity.


Interactive fiction built in Twine, telling the story of a young woman in the 1920s who is exposed to radium at her factory job. The player holds a large amount of narrative control as they guide her through her life.