Space Cadet (Hexo Theme)

A modern, purple-accented Bootstrap 4 blog theme for Hexo. Fully responsive and SEO-friendly with schema/OG/meta tags. Flexible enough to showcase both microblogging and long-form posts. Showcased on the official Hexo theme directory.


Twitter bot originally built in Python on a Raspberry Pi, then rewritten in Node.js for Heroku. Its algorithm creates unique tweets from a body of pre-collected texts using a Markov chain. The results are then put through a battery of RNG tests to slightly alter the final result. The result is an always-snarky, sometimes-macabre, super-woke nerd with a narcissistic streak.

Roleplaying and worldbuilding engine that allows storytellers to create and deploy rich simulations to create drama and conflict for participating players. Inspired by Cantr II, the very brief, MUDs, and Faery Tale Online. Written in JavaScript and deployed on the Firebase platform, the engine can be easily scaled and extended.

BRB: Apocalypse

Social media simulator set in a post-apocalyptic near future. Create a survivor, decorate their shelter, make friends and enemies with a complex social networking system. Become the dankest memelord this side of the fallout, toughen into a professional cyberbully, or rise to the top as a wasteland celebrity.


Interactive fiction built in Twine, telling the story of a young woman in the 1920s who is exposed to radium at her factory job. The player holds a large amount of narrative control as they guide her through her life.