Framework-agnostic library of helper functions for building metadata-rich elements. This is a toolbox I created to easily replicate good SEO practices in HTML <head> elements across my different projects. The library exports an ES6 class, which can be used as is or easily transpiled.


Vue Component


Simple component for injecting JSON-LD structured data from vocabularies like Schema.org into a Vue app. This was the first npm package I ever published and the first time I bundled a single-file component for distribution.


Pinwheel Mud Engine


Pinwheel is a new MUD engine built entirely in ES6 (JavaScript). It doesn't require a database and can be online for players within moments of downloading. Originally based on Shawn Biddle's Ranvier, Pinwheel is a rewrite of the engine and its bundles into a highly opinionated format. The engine makes decisions about world persistence and core features so you can focus on building your world and community.

Restaurant Reviews Project

Udacity Mobile Web Specialist


This started as a basic restaurant reviews website, but the code had a lot of issues. It was barely usable on a desktop browser, much less a mobile device. It also didn't include any standard accessibility features, and it didn't work offline at all. My job was to update the code to resolve these issues while still maintaining the included functionality.

Space Cadet

Hexo Theme


A modern, purple-accented Bootstrap 4 blog theme for Hexo. Fully responsive and SEO-friendly with schema/OG/meta tags. Flexible enough to showcase both microblogging and long-form posts. Showcased on the official Hexo theme directory.


An experimental idle game built in Vue. Cultivate strange life on a procedurally generated alien planet and build bizarre monuments to your robotic overlords.


Interactive fiction built in Twine, telling the story of a young woman in the 1920s who is exposed to radium at her factory job. The player holds a large amount of narrative control as they guide her through her life.

BRB: Apocalypse

Social media simulator set in a post-apocalyptic near future. Create a survivor, decorate their shelter, make friends and enemies with a complex social networking system. Become the dankest memelord this side of the fallout, toughen into a professional cyberbully, or rise to the top as a wasteland celebrity.