Review: Visme puts your visuals ahead of the curve

December 29, 2019 10:50 PM

by Andrew Zigler

3 min read




I've been updating some of the images on my website, and conforming to a new image size for all of my social media shares. This turned out to be a pretty big project, since I needed to crop or rebuild over forty different blog post headers into the new format. I didn't want to do it with Photoshop again, so I joined Visme to make it easy! Visme is an easy-to-use online tool that you can use to create and organize all types of visual content. Visme has been around for over 5 years, so it has a lot to offer. Bloggers (like me!) are using it to create static graphics or presentations, but I promise that I'll try not to get too hammy with it!

What makes Visme easy is that you can start from professional templates or from a blank canvas. Visme also has millions of assets available right inside the web app (including vector icons), so (for me) this was a process that used to jump between Google Images and Photoshop but now resides solely in one spot: Visme. That simplification made working on my images easy and (for once) something I actually enjoyed doing.

Visme also has an animation engine on top of the visuals. Virtually any object can be animated with a couple clicks. Visme has over a hundred high-quality and popular fonts that can be applied with many properties and effects. There are a variety of font styles to satisfy any project need and the entire process is simple. You can also apply these effects and properties granularly to each individual text character, allowing for truly fine-tuned control. And for me, that's what makes Visme truly shine!

Branding is simple using the tool, and one of the best features I found for that was the global color library, which allowed me to pick and save colors to reuse within my project. If you're using Visme to create literal presentations, then it's also good to know that you can upload your own audio MP3 files to your visual presentation. Visme also provides a large library of audio tracks that can be attached to one slide (for presentations) or used as background music for an entire project.

As I mentioned initially, I had to methodically go through each social media image on my website and recrop it to fit perfectly in my new dimensions. If it didn't fit, I then used Visme to rebuild or completely remake the image but with correct proportions. I was able to lean on Visme's pixel-precise tools to create images that popped more. The abundance of fonts let me mix up some of what I was doing before. I completed the project quicker than expected so I even made some extra images!

If you're interested in checking out the tool, know that Visme is free for all users! It takes only a few seconds to register and start creating your first project. Most of the features are free so it's easy to experiment with.