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Review: Eloquent JavaScript

I’m always looking to expand my knowledge of programming, especially JavaScript. In recent years, JavaScript has become my favorite and most productive language. I’ve pieced together my understanding of the language through tutorials, books, courses, and a few good mentors. Within the JS community, many people have been waxing poetic about Marijn Haverbeke‘s Eloquent JavaScript, so last year I started working through the book online. At the time, I had a strong foundation of JavaScript basics, but was looking for projects and exercises for practice.

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Building a Hexo theme: postmortem

Recently I’ve had a desire to start blogging again, to help me reflect as I work on projects. It’s a hobby I’ve explored since my exposure to the internet over a decade ago, and I’ve always considered myself a casual blogger. In the past, I’ve used platforms like WordPress and Blogger for personal blogs that usually revolved around projects. This time, I’ve been compelled to start branding my own name and taking ownership of my internet presence. To this end, I wanted to build a blog for myself so I’d have full control and ownership of both the written content and the supporting code of my blog. Originally, I was looking into writing my own blogging platform in React, but ultimately I have no interest in building a product from scratch when there are already several great open source options. There was no reason to reinvent the wheel in this case!

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The man behind the markup: a self introduction

Hi reader! I promise I can smile!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Andrew Zigler and I incubate the strange thoughts that most people push away. Under the cloak of moonlight, I nourish them until they become big digital monsters that are hungry for data and love. I’m also a web designer, a teacher, a writer, and a gamer.

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